*REPLAY* Future of Microfinance: Opportunities and Challenges to Build Resilience of Micro and Small Enterprises in Africa

Workshops & Seminars
Finance Africa's Sustainable Growth


Organised by CGAP and EIB


Advocate for increased focus on addressing the financial inclusion gap and deepen the reach of financial intuitions with more attention to vulnerable entrepreneurs: women, youth, poor farmers and rural populations. 

Share insights on the impact of microfinance in supporting micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and the financial exclusion and financing gap that remains.

Discuss the impact COVID 19 had on microenterprises and the financial inclusion sector in Africa and the challenges that prevail

Recommend what different private and public sector actors can do to address the narrow the financial inclusion gap to ensure that financial services meet the needs of low-income people and help them to capture opportunities and build resilience


- Lucia Spaggiari, Innovation Director, MFR


- Sai Sai Krishna Kumaraswamy, Financial Sector Analyst, CGAP

- Olivier Edelman, Head of Microfinance Unit, Non-EU Equity and Microfinance Division, Equity, New Products and Special Transactions of the EIB

- Noémie Renier, Head of Debt for Financial Institutions, Incofin Investment Management

- Esther Moyi, Head of Marketing and Customer Service, ECLOF

Workshops & Seminars
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Finance Africa's Sustainable Growth